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The ESP team was founded in 2005 by Jan Jacob Keizer, with the start of the EROSFIRE project, integrated in the Centre for Environmental and Marine Studies (CESAM), Dept. of Environment and Planning (DAO) of the University of Aveiro. Ever since 2005, one of the principal research topics of the ESP team has been the abiotic and biotic impacts of wildfires, with a special focus on soil erosion (sensu latu) and its mitigation as well as on the eco-toxicological effects of wildfire ash on aquatic organisms. This was and is being made possible by a series of national and EU-funded project, associated post-doctoral and PhD grants, and numerous MSc and BSc students and trainees from a large number of countries.

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the ESP team work

The focus of the team research is on:

• carbon and nutrient cycling and soil fertility losses, particularly in burnt areas

• climate change impacts on watershed processes and on the ecological status of water bodies

• forest hydrology and eco-hydrological modelling

• off-site fire effects of wildfires, namely the impacts on aquatic ecosystems, and post-fire management

• stakeholder participation in sustainable land management (forest and agricultural areas)

Selection of the 6 top publications that shows our work

Assessment of the toxicity of ash-loaded runoff from a recently burnt eucalypt plantation

Reductions in soil surface albedo as a function of biochar application rate: implications for global radiative forcing

Impacts of climate and land use changes on the hydrological and erosion processes of two contrasting Mediterranean catchments

The effectiveness of two contrasting mulch application rates to reduce post-fire erosion in a Portuguese eucalypt plantation

Predicting the effectiveness of different mulching techniques in reducing post-fire runoff and erosion at plot scale with the RUSLE, MMF and PESERA models

How much management is enough? Stakeholder views on forest management in fire-prone areas in central Portugal

Instalation of sediment fences on burnt areas

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